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Water Rights
HIGHTERRA has the ability to assist our Utah clients with water rights in the areas of Proofs, Change Applications, Research and Transfers.
  • Proofs - Highterra can help you complete your change applications and proofs.
  • Change Applications - Highterra can consult on change applications and has expertise in filing change applications
  • Research - Highterra has experience and knowledge of the State Engineers office records and filing systems and has experience in researching water rights.  Highterra also possesses a lot of research experience in the county court house records. Here we have researched water rights along with other surveying related research.  We can help you research your water rights.
  • Transfers - Transfer of water rights by conveyances requires special knowledge. Highterra possesses this knowledge and offers it to our clients.


    Due to Utah being a desert water is a very valuable resource that is sought after and highly regulated. To find out more about water laws please visit the website of Utah Division of Water Resources at www.waterrights.utah.gov.

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