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HIGHTERRA offers expertise in Utah surveying. Some of the related areas of surveying Highterra specializes in are as follows: Land Surveying, Construction Staking, Design Data Collection, Monumentation, Route/Alignment, PLSS Retracement, Subdivision Plats, and Easement.
  • Land Surveying - Highterra has vast experience in boundary surveying.  We have done a lot of retracement surveys in both urban and rural areas.  We have relocated to a rural area, therefore our specialty is rural surveying and the unique problems associated with these areas.
Surveyor at Work
  • Construction Staking - Highterra has a great and very varied experience in construction layout.  We have staked everything from houses to commercial developments and up to big industrial construction. We don’t currently pursue this type of work, however we still provide these services for projects that we design and for long time clients.
  • Design Data Collection - Highterra has a lot of experience in collecting the design data required for all kinds of developments.  Topographic mapping, with all the nuancies required to complete the design, takes a long time to learn and we have learned it well.  Most data collection we perform is related to our other work, however, we can collect data for other professionals.
  • Monumentation - Highterra provides the best quality monumentaion of our boundary corners.  We use engraved aluminum survey caps for easy identification, longevity and substantial steel bars. Highterra will use other monumentation materials such as concrete or brass upon request .  We take special pride in the monumentation of our work.  Don’t ask us to use plastic survey caps. Why spend good money for a survey and then end up with poor/cheap boundary markers?
Highterra Survey Monument
  • Route/Alignment - Highterra can locate and design alignments for roads, pipelines and other utitlities.
  • PLSS Retracement - The Public Land System (PLSS) appears to be a simple system of squares but under the hood it is very complex.  PLSS Retracement is a specialty and Highterra has the knowledge and experience to do this work.  It is a favorite of which we can never get enough.
  • Subdivision Plats - Highterra can do the surveying and design of your subdivision.  We prefer rural county and mountain subdivisions and small to medium towns and cities.  We could but we perfer not to work the urban Wasatch Front.
  • Easement - Highterra has the experience to survey and develop easement descriptions for new easements or to locate existing easements.


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