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Irrigation is one of Highterra's specialized fields. The aspects of Irrigation Highterra has had experience in are Irrigation, Stream Diversions, Pipelines, Dams and Reserviors, Pump Stations, Setting basins, Field Systems, and Pressure/Flow Modeling.
  • IRRIGATION - Highterra has special expertise in irrigation system design and operation.  Highterra's principal engineer/surveyor has done it all from digging ditch, irrigating, selling irrigation equipment, installing above and below ground irrigation equipment, surveying pipeline routes, designing pipelines, diversion, reservoirs and dams.  Mr. Day graduated from the Irrigation Engineering program at Utah State University, a premier program worldwide.  This wealth of experience is available for your irrigation system design requirements.
Putting in an Irrigation system
  • Stream Diversions - Highterra has experience with diversion dam design and construction.  We can design a new installation or help modify and existing diversion dam.  We are qualified to provide design help for water measurement and even automatic controls and water measurement recording.
  • Pipelines - Highterra can design irrigation pipelines.  We have the latest software to size and spec irrigation pipelines large and small. What is important to our clients is important to us.
Details of underground piipeline
  • Dams & Reservoirs - Highterra can design irrigation reservoirs.  Our principal engineer was trained by and spent five years as a specialized design engineer of earthen dams for the USDA Soil Conservation Service (now NRCS).
  • Pump Stations - Highterra can design irrigation pump stations to completely meet your needs to convey or pressurize water.
Pump station
  • Setting Basins - Cleaning irrigation diversions of trash and debris is critical to operation of sprinkler irrigation systems.  We have experience and can help.
  • Field Systems - Highterra can provide design services for field application equipment and irrigation scheduling.
  • Pressure/Flow Modeling - Highterra has the latest computer software for flow and pressure modeling.  We can figure out what is causing problems and make suggestions on how to fix it.

Survey Station

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